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Thrown Weapons

Glown Weapons Tournament-
5 glow sticks on the target,  3 axes, 3 knives, and 3 spears, for a chance to hit them. Whoever sticks the most glow sticks wins. Ties will have a play off, until we have a clear winner
Additional points added, for the widest variety of weapons that score. You earn 1 point for each glow stick that you stick, plus 1 point for each style of weapon that scored. For example, if you stick all 5, with the axe, spear and knife, you would score 8 points. If you stick 5 with only the axe and knife, you would score only 7 points.
Thrown Weapons Tournament-
Thrown Weapons tournament will run throughout the day, and will be a game of poker. High hand for the day, wins.
Each card that is stuck, will be removed, to make up the player's hand. Players will be able to turn in up to 2 cards, for a chance to throw (draw) 2 additional cards. Misses will mean players have fewer than 5, and they MUST have a card to turn in, in order to throw for replacement card. In the event of a tie, there will be a second round, as a play off for the tied players. If more than 1 card is stuck by the weapon, The one with the most weapon stuck in it, will be the earned card. If it is too close to call, the thrower can choose which card to keep.

Thrown Weapons Marshal-Conal Dreki