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Marshal Activities

Lightsaber Youth Tournament- GRAND MELEE! Last man standing, holds the high ground...so to speak.

Baroness's Blade Rapier Tournament- More information coming soon!

Trident Champion Heavy Tournament- Double Elimination tournament, combatants are restricted to two single handed weapons.

Champion of Darkwater Youth Tournament- Bear Pit, the more the fight, the more you win, the more points you collect! Winner has the most points at the end of 30  minutes!

Archery- Shut the Box archery edition.

A custom target face that can be placed on multiple targets that has dice zones 1-6. A score sheet with box/number icons/ A 4 player shut the box game board so players can strategize.

4 archers play full game and then next round of 4

Archers can shoot 2 arrows per turn to simulate the 2 dice.

Shut the box has 10 "pegs" in a wooden box. Using dice to eliminate numbers, players can use any variation of the total of the dice to lower the number pegs. Players tell scorekeeper how they want to eliminate the pegs on their score sheet. Once a peg is chosen/ put down - it cannot be used again.

Example -

Arrows shot land in 5 + 3 - Total of dice = 8

They can choose any of these combinations for putting down the pegs

7, 1
6, 2
5, 3
5, 2, 1 - archers chooses
4, 3, 1

Once these pegs are down - cannot use again.

Next turn

Arrows shot land in 4+2 - Total of dice = 6

6 - Best option
5,1 - Archer cannot use 5 + 1 out
4.2 - Archer cannot use - 2 is out
3,3 - Can choose 3 but would lose because of second 3
3,2,1 - Archer cannot use- 2 +1 out

Once you cannot lower any more pegs - that person's game is over - they tally the remaining upright pegs and that is their score. Lowest score wins. The goal is to remove all the pegs and thus shut the box. In the event of a tie - the remaining players play once more.

It is a game that combines luck and skill.