Feast Menu for Trident Tourney – A Twelfth Night Celebration January 5-7, 2018

                        All items are gluten free!

Items with a (V) are vegan friendly.


If you have other allergies and/or restrictions, please send notice (2 weeks prior to the event) to Rahil bint Haroun at  Rahil.bint.Haroun@gmail.com.


Menu items subject to change due to seasonal availability.


Friday Night Travelers:

Lentil Stew (V), Steamed White Rice (V), Sausages, Chicken


Saturday Breakfast:

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Fruit (V), Muffins (V)


Saturday Lunch:

Seasonal Beef Pyes, Vegetable Pottage (V), Salat (V), Garlic Torta (contains pork)


Feast in Celebration of the Winter Yule and Twelfth Night

Beverages: - Ponds, Waterfalls 

First Remove: 

A visit to the Woodlands, spying Hedgehogs

(greens, small vegetables, almond studded meat loaves)



Decorations for the Season

An assortment of breads, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, pickles, and pickled eggs


Second Remove: 

Privateer Fleet Sailing the Dark Waters

(no fear have we, for we are a landlocked Barony)

(Poultry pies with chervis, a dish of parsnips and raisins) 


Third Remove –

 Dolphins Frisking in the Waves

(Meat Pies with buttered wortes, seasonal greens) 


Dessert Board:  

Trident Keype, Treasure Cookies, Acorns Glade Pears, Darkwater Defender Tarts